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Welcome to Trieste

YachtsUnlimited™ - No 1 Superyacht Consultancy for the Adriatic Sea

YachtsUnlimited™ members have been proudly providing high quality advise to the Superyacht community for decades. What differentiates us from other businesses is our ability to truly connect with our customers, and provide the exceptional, transparent & compassionate service they deserve. We are located in the heart of Trieste right in the middle between city and marina.

10 Reasons to Love Trieste

Trieste (Triest in German, Trst in Slovenian and Croatian) is a city in North-East Italy that was once a very influential and powerful centre of politics, literature, music, art and culture under Austrian-Hungarian dominion.

Today, Trieste is often forgotten as tourists head off to bigger Italian cities like Rome, Milan, and Trieste's archrival Venice. But those tourists miss out on a very charming and underestimated city, with a quiet and lovely almost Eastern European atmosphere, several pubs and cafes, some stunning architecture and a beautiful sea view. It was also, for a while, the residence of the famous Irish writer, James Joyce. Click on the above button to find out more...

YachtsUnlimited Services

Exceeding Your Expectations


We are specialists for bookings in Venice

Agency Services

  • Marina & Shipyard Bookings

  • Custom & Port Clearance

  • Provisioning & Yacht Agents

  • Brokerage & Charters

  • Mini ISM management

  • Helicopter & Jet Charters

  • Crew Travel & Accommodation

  • Guided Tours & Car Rentals

Refit Projects

  • Shipyard Bookings

  • Naval Engineering 

  • Refit Management

  • Emergency Repairs

  • ISM/ISPS Management

  • Truck & Car Rentals

  • Logistics & Customs Agents



Together with local and international partners we arrange the most convenient solutions for fuel & lubricants.  With this service, we ensure all details, seamless and handled in a timely manner. Whenever you work with YachtsUnlimited™, you can trust that you’re in good hands.

Note: Together with the Naval Academy we can offer crew members courses to upgrade your STCW certification during refit periods. Prices are very good and the training is held in English language. Engineer courses as well as commercial diving courses are also available. Please ask for details!


As the poet Umberto Saba wrote: “Trieste has an unsociable grace. Located between the sea and the mountains of Carso, beautiful and fascinating, she does not like to show off, although she conquers her visitor at first sight.”

Tergeste, as Trieste was named during the Roman era, is to be discovered on foot, to fully taste her richness and to breathe, through her streets, buildings and monuments, her 2000-year-old history.

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Get in Touch


GFC Shipping S.R.L

Piazza Tommaseo 4

Mr.Franco Napp +39 335 6404468
Mr.Thomas Wissmann +39 351 6193263

Venice Office
G. Radonicich & C. S.r.l.
Via della Pila, 19/21 
30175 Venezia - Marghera 

Franco Napp +39 335 6404468
Michele Gallo + 39 348 4448220

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