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US Navy ex.Training & Research Vessel DAUNTLESS for sale at $199,000

This vessel was originally one of 23 sister vessels constructed in the mid to late 1980's to serve as training vessels for prospective naval officers, it was transferred to the US Naval Undersea Warfare Center at Keyport, WA in 1999 to serve as a noise measurement vessel in torpedo testing. Retired by the Navy in 2011, the vessel was sold by GSA auction in early 2016 to its present owner who returned it to fully operable condition.

Built to the highest standards of construction, the vessel is double planked fir over yellow cedar with a total hull thickness of 3” with very heavy framing throughout all formed of laminations of white oak made to shape in jigs and fastened exclusively with silicon bronze screws and through bolts. Main deck and bulkheads are of double thickness marine plywood and superstructure is of aluminum. Owner can state without reservation that the hull is remarkably tight and does not leak.

Machinery, piping and wiring is also of the highest standard of both materials and fitting. All piping carrying seawater is of silicon bronze throughout. All other systems meet or exceed any commercial required standards of ABS and USCG. Hours on all machinery are low and all operate without reservation. The fuel tanks are in excellent condition being built of high grade aluminum. The galley is of full stainless steel commercial grade cabinets and equipment...all are fully functional and tested. HVAC is a chilled circulating water type with duplex compressors and individual chillers located in each space of the vessel. For heat, there is an immersion heat exchanger in the engine room to supply hot water throughout. Additionally, the vessel's engine room and fuel tank space have been retrofitted with FM200 type fixed fire extinguishing systems plus there is a functional fire detection system throughout.

For navigation and communication, the vessel is presently fitted with older but fully functional equipment. Owner has available more modern equipment to possibly fit on the vessel but presently it is stored offsite. Full required safety and lifesaving equipment is not present but can be provided as part of a sale. There is a 17' Avon RHIB boat also available.

Vessel is of certified US build and as such qualifies fully for US coastwise endorsement. With a grt of under 300tons, the vessel qualifies to work either as an uninspected research or passenger vessel carrying no more than 12 persons. Her configuration is such that she is readily used for research projects without any major modification offering adequate deck space for equipment, boats, cranes and an a-frame plus suitable room for a laboratory and science personnel berthing. Further, the propeller shafts are coupled to the gearboxes with large tortion couplings and all engines are bedded with antivibration mounts making for a reduced noise profile in operation. As a small expedition passenger vessel, she could be converted with several different configurations possible.

The present owner has several conceptual plans for the vessel to be converted to either expedition service or to be a private yacht and is capable to offer a turnkey solution to a buyer to do such conversion in a cost effective manner.

All particulars are believed to be correct but not guaranteed. All offers are made subject to prior sale, changes in specifications or price and to withdrawal from sales list without notice. Copyright © 2018 Wissmann & Associates LLC, All rights reserved

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