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Superyacht Submersibles from Aquatica

We can exclusively offer from our Canadian friends the MAKO series for Superyachts.

A sealed one atmosphere submersible capable of taking 2 occupants to depths up to 300ft, the MAKO is the most comfortable and luxurious way to explore the wonders of the ocean.

Outstanding features...

- Small Footprint

- Great for Yachts

- Incredible Viewing Area

- Extremely maneuverable

The MAKO can be customized to suit a variety of operational needs from commercial to recreational.

- Prices from US$ 1,5 mil. Including training and multiple accessories!

- 5 Year Limited Warranty

- DNV-GL Classification

- Simplified Operation

- Lowered Cost - Acquisition & Operations

- Small Shipping envelope in Standard Container

- Easily upgraded with multiple features including camera and arms

Ask us for more details! Brochure can be downloaded here:

A primary goal of Aquatica is to lower the costs involved with Manned Submersibles while maintaining functionality and some of the highest standards for safety. Reduced shipping and operating cost will allow many more individuals and institutions the ability to gain entry and traction in the Manned Submersibles industry. The Aquatica Team is a group of highly skilled individuals with a passion for subsea vehicles and the world’s oceans. Each of them brings a host of skills, in multiple areas, which assist the overall mission and direction of Aquatica.

Please contact us for full technical details and price information.

All particulars are believed to be correct but not guaranteed. All offers are made subject to prior sale, changes in specifications or price and to withdrawal from sales list without notice. Copyright © 2018 Wissmann & Associates LLC, All rights reserved.

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